Our Royal Line-up for the Queen’s Feast

Hey Charlotte!  Today kicks off this summer’s Queen’s Feast: Charlotte Restaurant Week and for $30 or $35, you can indulge in a 3-course meal and satiate your inner foodie wants!  126 restaurants all over Charlotte and neighboring cities like Belmont, Fort Mill, Gastonia, and Mooresville are whipping up their best tasting menus and opening up their dining room for all to feast like royals without having to drain your wallet!

We’ve been enjoying this week of celebrating our city’s gastronomic scene since we moved to Charlotte, and it’s been growing every year with more and more restaurants participating.  With so many options, how do you narrow it down?  Well, here are some of our picks from our past experiences:

Our top picks in the city: Essex Bar & Bistro, Vivace, and Upstream.

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Oh My Donut!

For the sake of making sure y’all were ready for national donut day, Manny and I ventured into three different CLT neighborhoods for some of our favorite local
donut shops. This was purely for research purposes, so donut judge us–even if you did, it was so good we donut even care. So donut worry, be happy–and grab yourself a single, 1/2 dozen, or dozen donuts! Share or donut! You do you, booboo!

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Lenny Boy Brewing Co.

We discovered Lenny Boy Brewing Co. last fall, and to be honest, I was kind of bummed it took us so long to venture out to this little gem in the Gold District! With breweries popping up left and right all over the Queen City, Lenny Boy is definitely in our top three picks. Why, you say? Well, I’m glad you asked!

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Welcome to CLT Remedy! How can we help you?

We’re brother and sister, pharmacists-by-trade, and our daily grind sometimes can be grueling and crazy all the same while dealing with the retail sector.  So, when we have a day off, we like to make sure that post-working real hard, we play even harder. We like to eat. We like to drink.  We like to […]

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Hello, y’all! Kriska here!

Hey, y’all! As awkward and painful as these things can be, this is the obligatory intro post about myself. I’m a 30-year old, wifey and a mom to two boys (a 2-yr old human and a 5-yr old pup), who enjoys great food and even greater company now as a CLT-transplant.  How original, huh? Well, basic […]

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