Welcome to CLT Remedy! How can we help you?

We’re brother and sister, pharmacists-by-trade, and our daily grind sometimes can be grueling and crazy all the same while dealing with the retail sector.  So, when we have a day off, we like to make sure that post-working real hard, we play even harder.

We like to eat. We like to drink.  We like to explore.  And, we also like this place we now call, ‘home’–Charlotte.

They say that pharmacists are the most accessible and trusted healthcare professionals–and we see all sorts of people asking us for advise ranging from needing help with their irregular bowels, to checking out their bumpy rash (which they will show us), to just needing someone to listen to them.  So, here at CLT Remedy, we hope to share with y’all some of our Queen City recommendations.  Whether you’re looking for your next meal, your next group activity, or your next day trip, you can be rest assured that what you’ll be reading is backed and recommended by two professional pharmacists!

Thanks for checking us out!


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