Hello, y’all! Kriska here!

Hey, y’all!

As awkward and painful as these things can be, this is the obligatory intro post about myself.

I’m a 30-year old, wifey and a mom to two boys (a 2-yr old human and a 5-yr old pup), who enjoys great food and even greater company now as a CLT-transplant.  How original, huh?

Well, basic as it all sounds, I do like to work hard and play even harder with my little family and my small close group of friends and my brother in town.  My day job is a full-time retail pharmacy manager, so every free day I get is maximized with some sort of activity whether in town or by way of short trips.  I’m a little bit of everything: I enjoy the outdoors, but not too much heat or mosquitos.  I LOVE sports, especially Gamecock football and even enjoy a day out in the golf course.  I am an endless pit and could eat my weight through brunch and a mimosa bar.  I enjoy all sorts of cuisines and not at all picky–unless you’re my husband asking me what I want to eat after a long day at work and he is actually talking to “Hangry” me.  I listen to all kinds of music, including ‘country’ and enjoy a great binge-fest or an all-day marathon on Food Network, Bravo, or HGTV!  And speaking of HGTV, my dream life is living in a yurt or a tiny home somewhere in Maui.

Basically, I love a great party but I’m also a mother and a professional who adults appropriately.

So, yes. I’m all over the place–somewhat unique, somewhat basic as all get out.  (Just you wait until fall season!)  But hopefully, I’ll be bringing something different to the table than other Instabloggers, and you’ll enjoy following Manny and me along on our Queen City adventures!

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