We are your Community Ambassadors!

We would love to work with you and share with the QC what you bring to the table!

Do you have something you would like for us to try or check out and share with our fellow Charlotteans?  If it’s a great fit, we would love to consider working with you. Below are the many different fun ways we can work together!


Invite us in and we can share our experience on our Instagram…
Have us in for a complementary tasting or a sampling of your best dishes or experience you provide and we will share an honest review on IG.


Or we can also post an extensive review on our website…
If it’s a full experience with some history or that requires further explanation and you’re able to provide us more time to chat with us, we can create a blog post featuring you and your business.


Or we can do a giveaway for your business…
If you’d like to grow your IG following, we can host a giveaway on our IG for a gift card or specific products.


Or invite us to your media preview event…
If you’re hosting media influencers, consider having us to your event. We love getting to know you and other movers and shakers in the city!


But we can also get creative in how we collaborate and host an event with you together…
If you’re interested in sponsoring an event, we would love to work with you!

Check out our Hopheads & Foodie Tour

We partnered with Resident Culture, Tikka Buzz, and Earth Fare to host an evening of food, beer, and wine tasting. Our community allows us to bring together our hophead and foodie friends to YOU to check out what you have to offer Charlotteans.


Our guests posted in their stories and their respective IG pages about the event. Check out this vlog by Sarah of TheCarolinaWanderer, one of our Hophead & Foodie Tour guests:

Check out our Mortar & Pestle Dinners

We hosted a dinner and welcomed our followers into our home to gather around a “no-phones” dinner sponsored by Earth Fare and featuring, local chef and foodie, Jess Masanotti, of The.Freckled.Fork.

You can sponsor a dinner in one of two ways: financially by providing produce/product for a local chef to cook or by catering the event with your meal.

We would love to consider working with you and if it’s a great fit, we will certainly provide our 100%, most honest opinion and disclose any compensation we may be offered and receive in exchange for the review of your product or services.  As your community ambassadors, we want to encourage our ‘neighbors’ to patronize your business and establishment. We enjoy introducing our Instagram followers and friends to new things, and it’s truly a joy for us to meet people. Shoot us an e-mail at clt.remedy@gmail.com or DM us on http://instagram.com/clt.remedy if you are interested in working together.

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