For the Love of Craft Beer: A Quick Peek into Amor Artis

With their First Anniversary Bash fast approaching, the folks at Amor Artis invited a few of us over to celebrate and get to know them even better.  I had a great time meeting other local beer lovers over some of their quality crafts paired with classic NC barbeque eats from The Improper Pig.  Here is just a quick look into this craft beer haven tucked in Downtown Fort Mill, SC.

While standing in the middle of the brewery, owner and head brewer, Travis Tolson, reminisces about learning how to brew from his wife’s navy friends.  Along with his brother and his wife, he opened Amor Artis in his childhood home of Fort Mill. His passion for making craft beer is apparent just from how excited he gets when talking about the brewery and their different beers. 

Amor Artis opened nearly a year ago by brothers Travis and Steve Tolson and in that time, they have brewed over sixty-four different beers. The Tolsons and the rest of their team understand that true craft takes time and is unapologetic about their process.  Rather than utilizing purees, the folks at Amor Artis source the fruit for the sour beer varieties from Springs Farms in Fort Mill or other local purveyors.  This means that their beers may not be readily available for distribution as they must wait for the fruit to ripen.  Case in point, their Smoked Pumpkin Porter was not released until the week before Thanksgiving–they even asked the Fort Mill community to donate their lightly used pumpkins.  They will not sacrifice quality just to meet a demand’s timeline but instead will let the produce shine as they were meant to.  This commitment also shows their support to ensure that local farmers continue to thrive.

The folks at Amor Artis take pride in being a part of the Fort Mill community. Their goal was to create a neighborhood watering hole—something that they felt was missing in downtown Fort Mill.  For their one-year anniversary they have decided not only to celebrate their success but also the community that have supported them along the way by donating a portion of the day’s sales to various local non-profits.  As they celebrate on Saturday, January 26, they will be tapping a different keg on the hour from 1-6pm and will donate $0.50/pint to a non-profit group.  In addition to the release of new brews, they will be raffling of one of their Trippel wine barrels and tickets to QC Brew Fest.  The First Anniversary Bash will run from noon until midnight.

The schedule for their First Anniversary Bash: On the hour, a new keg will be tapped and a local non-profit will receive a portion of the proceeds.

We got to preview the new Tenebris Black Sour (ABV 7%) that will be released this Saturday. This dark sour was aged in Jack Daniel barrels for 12 months and tasted of deliciously tart berries with the mouth feel more of a wine rather than beer. In addition to just drinking this perfectly great beer on it’s own, it would also pair perfectly with a mixed berry pie for dessert or dare I say just drizzled over vanilla ice cream. You can pick up a bottle for $16+tax during their anniversary party.

So, while there is no shortage of breweries in the Charlotte area, if you are looking to change things up and experience the ‘small-town charm’ of bustling Fort Mill, head to Amor Artis.  Their passion for craft beer shines in every brew and in the taproom’s ambiance. Every craft beer lover and connoisseur shouldn’t miss out on this watering hole!

Everything you want in a taproom vibes! Besides sitting at the bar and chatting with the bartenders, our other favorite thing at this place are the community tables, encouraging everyone to just grab a beer and get to know one another!

Amor Artis Brewing | Fort Mill, SC

Hours: Mon-Thurs 12PM-10PM | Fri-Sat 12PM-12AM | Sun 12PM-8PM

Location: 204 Main Street, Suite 101, Fort Mill, SC 29715

Food options:
CibiCibi Food Truck on Thurs-Fri 4-9PM and Sat-Sun 12PM-9PM
Pro-tip: Order next door from The Improper Pig and it will be delivered.  Just be respectful—only order the food and enjoy all the offerings of Amor Artis. They also have wine and kombucha available!

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