#WellnessWednesday: 3 Reasons to Get Planty!

Since we are pharmacists and we do want to help everyone live better lives (whether through interventions via our day job or through sharing our adventures on Instagram and our blog), we wanted to start a new mini-series that would highlight different ways to promote wellness and vitality. We’re going to refrain from making medical recommendations, as that wouldn’t be ideal or ethical! (Soapbox moment: As always, you should consult with your medical and healthcare team before starting anything new–diets, supplements, medications, etc. AND always include your pharmacist in your consultation!)

So, what exactly will #WellnessWednesday include? Well, we’re finding different ways to create a work-life balance, to find more fulfilling experiences, and in Marie Kondo fashion–looking for things that ‘spark joy’ in our lives. With that said, we will share different tips and tricks we’re using that are working for us! Maybe they’ll work for you. You won’t know until you try.

Up first: indoor plant therapy! You guys may have noticed from our Instagram posts that we enjoy indoor plants. Here’s a quick intro as to why YOU should get into this trend because not only is it super chic, hip and cool–it’s also quite healthy for you.

Reason #1: Indoor plants freshens up the air you breathe and can eliminate harmful toxins. This is the boring reason but I’m sure you guys remember from your early science classes that plants can absorb the carbon dioxide we breathe out and convert it to fresh oxygen. Additionally, according to NASA, toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene in the air can be removed by plants. Next time you’re feeling stuffy in your home, consider how a few plants can help make a difference.

Reason #2: Indoor plants are visually pleasing and appealing, creating an instant sense of lifting up your mood and spirit. Everyone loves the spring for their flowers, the summer for the warm sun, and the fall for the wonderful colors. But no one ever enjoys the dormant trees that look almost dead and gloomy. So why not bring a little life into your home with some greenery and even a sense of tropical weather? Your next vacation to the beach/tropics/Caribbean may not be for a while, but remind yourself of previous trips you’ve taken or look forward to a future vacay and be inspired by tropical plants in your home.

Reason #3: Planting can be a form of therapy! There is something about getting lost in an arrangement with fresh soil in between your fingers that is very therapeutic. It’s amazing how time can feel so slow yet also pass, spending it doing something so organic.

Visiting nurseries, especially your local shops, can also be very inspiring and uplifting. We especially love Malone’s Succulent Greenhouse on Radio Rd and Campbell’s Nursery on South Blvd in Charlotte, NC. We can spend hours walking up and down every aisle checking out every plant to find the perfect one that “wants to go home with us”. It may seem silly, but once you get bitten by the plant-therapy bug, it’s pretty contagious!

So there you go! Our top three reasons to get into the #plantlife now if you haven’t already jumped on this trend. An indoor plant garden can really be a sanctuary. Living spaces have a way of lifting up your mood and sparking joy, but we also know that it can be intimidating. So stay tuned for our next #WellnessWednesday post, where we will give some tips on how to get your personal sanctuary started!

This #WellnessWednesday post brought to you by Kriska!

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