#WellnessWednesday: #PlantTherapy Part 2

We are so excited at how well received this new series has been, and we are back for round 2 of #WellnessWednesday. We are following up our initial post with a few more #PlantTherapy inspiration and some answers to a few questions that our Instagram followers had for us. ICYMI, our first post can be found here: 3 Quick Reasons to get into Indoor Plant Therapy Now!

Question #1: What is the best way to transplant succulents when they are too big for their current planter?
Perfectly potted terrariums and glass globes of succulents are all the heart eyes! But even as slow growers, sometimes succulents can lose their tight and perfect arrangement. Sometimes lack of light can cause them to stretch or ‘etiolate’. Sometimes the bottom leaves will wilt and dry out. Here are a few tips to manage these situations:
– Pruning and maintenance can actually help promote a healthy succulent. Removing dried out leaves can prevent rot and also encourage future growth if there isn’t already a new ‘pup’ or air roots growing in the succulent’s stem.
– You can clip stretched out or overgrown succulents and repot your arrangement. This can be a very scary thing to do because you don’t want to hurt your succu-babies, but here are a couple of YouTube videos that I found were most useful in helping me figure out the best way to tackle my own etiolated arrangements.
Stretching Succulents: The Cause and Fix by SucculentsandSunshine.com
How to Deal with Etiolated (Stretched out) Succulents by LiquidAmbar Girl

I wish I had done a before and after picture but here is one of my most recent freshened up mini-garden. A few are still quite stretched out but I’m hoping that in its new spot with more light, that it will fair better soon! Winter months can be challenging for these babies!

Question #2: What soil is best for replanting?
It’s definitely best to get a mix of soil that fits the type of plant you’re working with. I tend to cheat and be lazy, and I just grab the indoor potting mix that is labeled for cactus or succulents or whatever it is I am working on at that time! If you check out our favorite nursery in Charlotte, NC (Malone’s Nursery), you can purchase a quart or gallon bag of soil. Kelly mixes up her own special blend–and just looking at her beautiful assortment of succulents, cactus, and tropicals, she definitely knows what she is doing! I think the bigger challenge and often what causes problems with repotted plants not thriving is selecting the wrong container which leads to the incorrect size for the plant and drainage issues. I am super guilty of these two crimes and have sadly killed two fiddle leaf figs. (RIP: I’m still pretty heartbroken by it all!) My pro-tip? When in doubt, ASK! At Malone’s, Kelly and Judy will gladly share a wealth of their knowledge and help make sure you feel as comfortable as possible going home with your new plant babies.

#Plantsmakepeoplehappy. They just do. Their aesthetic’s simplicity puts you in a state of joy and peace, and in stark contrast, their needs can also challenge you as you find ways to help them grow. Either way, there are many different forms of ‘therapy’ to treat your mind and soul, and planting a garden is definitely one healthy way to give yourself a retreat from the hustle and bustle of life. And you don’t need to wait for spring and summer to get your hands dirty–invest in an indoor sanctuary and grab yourself a small pot or two! You don’t necessarily need a large collection either and actually encourage you to start small with a few plants to match your level of commitment. For example, if you like a no-fuss, low maintenance plant, we suggest starting out with a cactus! Have fun picking out ‘homes’ for your babies by antique or thrift shopping or even checking out the clearance rack of kitchen stores for mismatched bowls or tea cups. Whether you pick out a succulent, a cactus, or a tropical, being a #plantparent is a beautiful ride and we hope you enjoy it!

This hanging pegboard is from Ikea. The white is from Target. The gray pot is from Michael’s.  The fun llama planter is from a clearance rack in Marshall’s!

This #WellnessWednesday post brought to you by Kriska!

Malone’s Nursery: 100 Radio Road, CLT, NC | Open 7 days a week
Also can be found at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market on Saturdays and pop-up markets. For more information: follow them on Instagram

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