About Us

Hungry? Bored? Looking for something new to see or do?  Need a fix? (Nothing illegal here, folks!)  We are your local Charlotte pharmacists, ready to dispense out and recommend the best experiences the Queen City has to offer.

Because our every day grind is dedicated to ‘helping people on their path to better health’ one pill, one immunization, and one counseling point at a time, we needed to find something else for which our right side of the brain could be tapped!

CLT Remedy: Pharmacists by trade helping people on their path to better health; Instabloggers by choice to help QCers on their path to having fun.


Kriska and Manny…we’ve not always gotten along and many people can tell so many stories of us practically wanting to stab each other when we were little, but now we’re basically always #twinning.  We are constantly in each other’s heads, reading each other’s mind…and we literally have had the same career path so far (except now, Manny lives the life at 7-on-7-off! But we can get to that another time…)


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