Lenny Boy Brewing Co.

We discovered Lenny Boy Brewing Co. last fall, and to be honest, I was kind of bummed it took us so long to venture out to this little gem in the Gold District! With breweries popping up left and right all over the Queen City, Lenny Boy is definitely in our top three picks. Why, you say? Well, I’m glad you asked!

Lenny Boy Brewing Co.
Beautiful afternoon welcomes us to Lenny Boy Brewing Co.

CULTURE MATTERS at Lenny Boy Brewing, and their warehouse location not only houses a taproom that features kombucha, beer, ales, ciders, and wines made in house and from other local brewers; but it allows them to host numerous events catering to anyone and everyone in a cool and casual setting. Every time I go, I see a different crowd drawn in with happenings ranging from fitness activities, local vendor shows and pop-ups, trivia nights, live music, and many more! Whether you’re a regular popping in for their weekly events or just checking out the taproom, everyone is treated with more than just a brew–you get CULTURE!

Culture Matters
Even my little dude loves Lenny Boy! He enjoys hangin’ out with us while we enjoy our booch. We love that the taproom team and crowd that hangs around here don’t mind kids! In fact, the bartenders will even try to chat with the little guy! Another reason to love ’em!

So back to the list of their taproom offerings–if there isn’t anything on there that you like, then I just don’t know (and really, I don’t know how this could be possible!) Because seriously, their taproom draft list is pretty extensive. The board often changes but they also have their standbys. I love whenever they have a seasonal feature–it’s always something very interesting! Click here to view a live draft list as posted from their website.

Why, hello there!
Manny’s Ginger Gold Cider from Windy Hill Orchard. Kriska’s Lenny Boy Lost Rose Kombucha.

So, on to the booch! I’m no expert on kombucha–so don’t ask me for specifics or details.(Note to self: I need to see if Lenny Boy does tours!) But when I find something that tastes really good and can pack in nutrients and probiotics to help my (crazy) digestive system, boost my immune system, and make me feel good overall–well, SIGN ME UP! We fit in a weekly run to Lenny Boy to stock up on the stuff because my body literally tells me when I’ve not consumed any–my tummy seriously does not like me. So, here’s a little tip for y’all: 64-ounce growler fill ups on this goodness is only $10 on Wednesdays and Sundays! Fit in a Lenny Boy run before or after your meal prep on Sunday…or when you join the taproom crowd for trivia night on Wednesday!

Speaking of trivia…we suck. But good company, good brews, and good food makes for a great time. So while we guess at practically every question and definitely don’t have a shot in heck winning the flight tasting, growler fill-up, or gift card…we’ll just make up answers and enjoy their patio! Side note: little man enjoyed trivia on the patio–he must have seen at least 30 CATS buses and we must have chased him in a hundred circles, and boy was he entertained!

So, there’s that! Lenny Boy Brewing Co. So much goodness packed into one warehouse–it’s amazing what can come out of these brick-and-mortar walls! If you’ve been or find yourself visiting them after this post, lemme know what you think. Tell me which booch flavor you like best. I’m good to go for the week with my lavenderade and lost rose.

Cotton candy skies…
Thanks for a great night Lenny Boy!


This local tip and post recommended by Kriska!

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