#DoseofCLT: South End Rail Trail

These days, everybody is just craving more than a fleeting moment—we’re all looking for ways to fill our days with memories and experiences. Everybody works hard and wants to play even harder. So when in the Queen City and you get some time off in your hands, how should you spend it? Well, as your pharmacists in town, we’ve got a new series we would like to share: #DoseofCLT. We’re putting together different itineraries that we ourselves have tried and tested, and we will be dispensing your prescription for a dose of CLT vibes and experiences!


So up first, the Historic South End! There are many ways to enjoy and explore the much sought after area of South End, so we’ll likely be doing several posts about it but this one’s definitely one of our favorite ways to spend at least half the day here!

Breakfast at Lincoln’s Haberdashery

Start your day at the urban market Lincoln’s Haberdashery where you can find all sorts of gourmet eats, an extensive wine and beer selection, crafted coffee, and lots of unique gifts. Chef Shortino and his crew have carefully thought of everything in this charming bodega, and everything you’ll get will be absolute perfection–you’ll likely have to spend at least a few minutes before diving in to get that ‘gram worthy shot! I guarantee it!


You’ll have many drink options to wash down your meal—from local craft beer, to barista brews and coffee art, and the curated wine selection. Pro-tip: Grab the mimosa kit—it’s the easiest decision you’ll make all day.

Shop and stroll Atherton Mills

Once you’re all fueled up, drive on down to Atherton Mills, ’the Soul of South End.’ It comes to life on Saturdays with the Farmers Market that runs from 9am to 2pm, but don’t let that keep you from stopping by on other days of the week. Despite the ongoing construction for future developments, current stores are still open for business. Discover new aromatics from the Savory Spice Shop, pick up some fresh flowers from Bookout Blooms, or snag a little treasure find from Anthropologie! Go ahead and treat yourself!

A few books I’ve been eyeing at Anthropologie (birthday hints to the hubs! *wink wink*)–and I snagged a couple of monogrammed hanging coat hooks that are now in our entryway! {K}

Scoot your way through the Rail Trail

Download a ride-share scooter application and locate yourself one of these fun electric rides—enjoy a ride and check out breweries, shops, and galleries all along the Rail Trail. In addition to the city skyline views, there are also many different iconic points along this urban greenway not to be missed and great for your next Insta post!

CLT.Remedy has given you $3 Lime ride coupons. To claim your free gift, use this link to download the app: https://lime.bike/referral/RQQCL2D or use RQQCL2D coupon code if you already have the app.

Fill back up at Futo Buta

Udon even know what you’re missing, but you’re gonna miso happy! Like seriously! If you’ve not been to Futo Buta yet, you have got to change that now. The big sister of Lincoln’s Haberdashery and original eatery of Chef Shortino, FB has been cranking out homemade noodles that keep the tiny izakaya spot always packed and busy.

Don’t just get the ramen—our other favorites: the rice crispy squares, the tori kara age, the Hamachi crudo, the spicy tuna donburi, and really anything on the fresh sheet menu! Also, don’t forget the cocktails and sake flight. I guess what I’m saying is just order everything.

And whatever you do: always, always, always end your meal with the ice cream. Trust us. Just order the dang thing—whatever flavor they have that day.

So there you have it! Your first prescription for a #DoseofCLT. Here’s a map of the itinerary to make it handy and easy for you to take it all in.


This #DoseofCLT recommended by Kriska!

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