#DoseofCLT: Matcha in the Queen City

I love tea so matcha.  Really, just so matcha love.  Everything is just so matcha better whenever I can get myself a cup of this goodness.  If I could just start everyday with some, like is that too matcha to ask?

Under Current Coffee (2)

Alright, alright, alright.  I know y’all get it.  I’ve jumped on the matcha bandwagon and have been exploring the Charlotte coffee shops from Plaza Midwood to Wesley Hights to get my fix since I got hooked on this stuff after our trip to NYC (which I’ve yet to still blog about!  Whoopsies!)  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still a coffee lover but getting to enjoy a cup of matcha every once in a while is a nice little change up in my routine, and I’m personally glad that the centuries old Japanese ceremonial tea has now made it here in the Queen City!  On this edition of #DoseofCLT, I’m sharing my top four matcha picks—go check ‘em out and find out if you’re also matcha-made in heaven with this trendy, superfood.

Not Just Coffee – Dilworth: 2230 Park Rd Suite 102, Charlotte, NC 28203

True to its name, Not Just Coffee, is really more than just any other coffee shop, especially at the Dilworth location on Park Rd.  In addition to enjoying a great cup of matcha latte and all sorts of coffee options from pour overs to espressos, they serve a full menu with cocktails!

Undercurrent Coffee: 2012 Commonwealth Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205

Undercurrent Coffee is doing everything right, and I seriously could spend all day here with a book, some work, or just looking out the window as the city goes about its day.

It’s funny that they had several copies of this coffee table book, Matcha: A Lifestyle Guide by Jessica Flint and Anna Kavaliuna.  It’s getting added to my Amazon book wish list!

Under Current Coffee (6)

Basal Coffee: 1429 Bryant St, Charlotte, NC 28208

This Wesley Heights coffee bar is seriously all the feels–order the Hakuna-Matcha-tah and you really will have no worries for the rest of your day!  This is the first cold matcha I’ve had and it is really something special with the pineapple, sweet lemons, and fresh mint.  It’s only available for a limited time, so get in there now before they are gone!

Basal Coffee (4)

The Suffolk Punch: 2911 Griffith St suite a, Charlotte, NC 28203

Every coffee bar is literally raising the bar–and The Suffolk Punch is right there with the best of them.  In addition to the noms, the cocktails, and the brews (beers/coffees/teas), we love coming out here to enjoy the space.  Bonus: my little guy absolutely loves watching the Charlotte Lynx light rail pass by.

Pro-tip: The barista offered me some sweetener options as the matcha they use is not sweetened.  I went for adding vanilla, and I’d definitely recommend ordering it that way!  I hate ranking favorites, especially when I’m not having things at the same time for me to really compare, but this matcha latte is really one of the best I’ve had!

Hyde Brewing (5)

So there you have it! Your prescription to finding some of the best matcha around the Queen City.  Here’s a handy map of the coffee bars so you can plan your next Charlotte coffee date, whether it’s a solo one to either get work done or have some me-time for yourself or it’s a meet up with someone!  If you try out any of these matcha drinks, let me know what you think–or if you have had others, please let me know your favorite spots!

imageedit_1_4040841057This #DoseofCLT recommended to you by Kriska!

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