#OffbeatCLTeats: Asian Food in Charlotte

Hello Charlotte! We know our beloved Queen City has no shortage of options for every spectrum of foodie craving. And with every CLT Instagram influencer sharing and reviewing all of the new restaurant openings for media days every day, it can be easy to forget about the local Charlotte spots. But even the little guys need love and sometimes that hole in the wall offers the best grubs! So enter: #offbeatCLTeats!
We will be sharing at least 2-3 different local Charlotte restaurants with each post and tell you why it is worth your time to check them out even if they’re low profile. And if you’ve recently had some good eats at a hidden gem or hole in the wall around the Queen City, tag them #offbeatCLTeats to be featured in our Insta-stories and who knows, we may just venture out to them as well!

First up in #offbeatCLTeats: Asian Eats Edition  There are many quick Chinese take-out places but for those looking to try out other Asian cuisines in Charlotte, here are three spots that can hit the spot and fill that hankering you are craving!

Stop #1: Lang Van Vietnamese
3019 Shamrock Dr, CLT, 28215 | Closed Mondays; Tues-Thurs & Sun 11am-10pm; Fri-Sat 11am-11pm

So while Lang Van may not be all that low-profile since it has actually been featured in at least four different Thrillist articles, it is still off the beaten path and not on your usual Instafeed so we’ve decided to start off this series with them. With over 130+ menu items, try to remember to use the dish number assigned to avoid any confusion!

Go fried or get fresh? How do you roll? When I dip, you dip, we dip! LOL. Okay, enough puns! Just order one of each because WEATHER you order the summer or the spring rolls, your forecast won’t be disappointing! He he!
Vietnamese Lemongrass Curry: When curry comes to most people’s minds they don’t necessarily think Vietnamese, however whenever a Vietnamese restaurant has a lemongrass curry on the menu it’s my go to order. The onions bring a little bit of sweetness while the shredded lettuce and bean sprouts bring a delightful crunch to the dish. {M}
Bun Tom Thit Nuong Cha Gio: While everyone automatically thinks of Pho when they think of Vietnamese food, my go-to is actually the vermicelli buns. There are many combinations of this, but my favorite is topped with grilled shrimp, grilled pork, and spring roll. The vegetables and herbs brings a freshness and lightness you wouldn’t normally associate with a noodle dish. My pro-tip: ask for extra sauce and drown that bowl in all of that umami goodness! {K}

Stop #2: Siam Garden Thai Restaurant
3607 Whitehall Park Drive, CLT, 28273 | Open 7 days a week, 11am to 10pm
Siam Garden is tucked away into a corporate park in the Whitehall area in south Charlotte. It’s our go-to whenever we are craving Thai food for the following reasons (1) convenient location to us, (2) delivery option via TakeHomeDelivery, and (3) the food really does hit the spot! We often have this food delivered for dinner, especially when we’ve taken too long to decide on what we’re having for the night; or we make it out during their lunch service. It does get busy though with all of the offices in the area!
We usually order the chicken panang curry, combination fried rice, beef pad prik king, fried tofu, spring rolls, and Thai tea.

Panang Curry: There are many types of Thai curries, but I always order the panang whenever I get a Thai food craving. The addition of coconut milk gives this dish a sweeter heat when compared to other curries. The red and green peppers also add a touch of sweetness that cuts the heat. Pro-tip: Ask for extra rice to help soak up all that delicious sauce! {M}
Beef Pad Prik King: This is the lunch portion which comes with rice, a vegetable spring roll, and a serving of their daily soup (not pictured as it comes before the meal and changes every day—we’ve had different broths or porridge at different visits). This is a spicy dish, which you can customize to your heat level of liking. My favorite part are the fresh beans that are perfectly cooked and still snaps at each bite! {K}

Stop #3: Bánh Mi & Tea Company
2130 Ayrsley Town Blvd, CLT, 28273 | Open 7 days a week, 10am to 9pm
Bánh Mi & Tea Company is in Ayrsley Town Center specializing in Vietnamese sandwiches and fun teas like bubble, milk, and fruit-infused teas. Their sandwiches are very tasty but we stop here at least every other week to get our Boba fix. We find that they have the best bubbles in town—just the right consistency, neither over nor undercooked! Their flavors are also great and don’t taste like fake or imitation as some other boba places we’ve tried. Our go-to flavors: Thai tea, matcha milk tea, mango bubble tea, or the passion fruit infused tea with boba pearls!

Passionfruit infused tea and Thai Tea with boba (tapioca) pearls
Matcha green tea and Thai Tea with boba (tapioca) pearls

So, that rounds out this Asian eats edition of #offbeatCLTeats. Keep following us for more local eats around Queen City, and don’t forget to let us know where your favorite local spots are! And, here’s a little map to help you find your way around the city and find these hidden gems.

imageedit_1_4040841057 This #offbeatCLTeats recommended to you by Manny and Kriska!


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