#DoseofCLT: Taking it Slow in NoDa

We’re overdue in dispensing a #DoseofCLT, and so to recap: this is a series where we share our tried and tested itineraries and favorite spots around Charlotte. Basically, our take on dispensing your prescription for all things food, drinks, and fun around the Queen City.

On this post, we wanted to highlight the CLT neighborhood of NoDa and also do a hybrid with our #WellnessWednesday series. Known for its eclectic vibe and its artsy culture, the streets of Noda are vibrant and always bustling. But for today’s trip, we’re going to slow things down and soak it all in. Sometimes, you just have to slow down to recharge and to really be able to enjoy whatever it is that you are doing. In the world we currently live in, we often go too fast and want it all and want them now. We are in fear of missing out that we are often going too fast, but in all of the rushing we are actually more likely to miss the details and the important things. So we encourage you to take a slow day, even if it’s just every once in a while. And while we know NoDa always has a lot of things going on, we’ve put together an itinerary with all the slow-paced vibes to take it all in!

So here we go! Slowing down through the NoDa neighborhood…

First stop: Fuel up with Haberdish!

This gorgeous yet cozy and still very inviting restaurant will make you feel at home!
Haberdish has a long list of awards, accolades and recognition–and while we can’t list them all, it’s better you just go there and experience their Southern kitchen and cocktail bar for yourself.

Whether this is a solo day or one with your significant other, gal pals, or some family, Haberdish is a great spot to get some downright really good food. If you’re doing this on a weekday (Tues-Fri), you can brunch from 9am-2pm or grab lunch on the weekends starting at 11am. Here are some of our must-orders:

Anything off of the cocktail list will be sure to please–let’s just go ahead and get that out of the way. The very, very, very skilled mixologists behind their bar are always whipping up some stunning cocktails. (Note: “very x3” seems like an understatement actually!) Anything in a tiki glass or a drink garnished with a flower ice ball will not only make for an #Instaworthy post, but since this day out is all about taking everything in and taking things slow, this is the perfect place to linger over cocktails and catch up with your friends. Trust us, you’ll want to enjoy every drop of every beautiful cocktail you order! For the eats, you can’t go wrong with ordering anything with their fried chicken–obviously, get the chicken and waffles during brunch! The Leige-style waffles are perfectly made–crispy on the outside but fluffy and airy on the inside with just the right sweetness that you almost don’t even need the honey butter or maple syrup.

Our favorite starters (snacks) include the hushpuppies and house pickles and our favorite side is definitely, hands down, the mac & cheese. Trust us on this: add the spicy crispy chicken skins. Just do it. You’ll regret it if you don’t!

Savor each moment. Enjoy every last drop of your cocktail. Snag that last hushpuppy and slab a little extra sweet tea butter on it. Indulge in the crispy skins on that rich mac and cheese. Don’t feel guilty–but just enjoy it all.

Now that you’re all fueled up, explore the streets of NoDa. There are several eclectic shops and also lots of awesome murals to enjoy throughout this part of the city. Stroll through every alley and discover the amazing art scene. Art in the Queen City has truly grown, and it’s amazing to see how artists are livening up the city one wall at a time!

Noda murals (left and top right) by Osiris Rain. Solstice Tavern mural (bottom right) by Nick Napoletano.

Walking around may make you tired and you may need to make a caffeine run. Look no further than Trade and Lore above Salud Cerveceria. Settle into one of their cozy sitting areas and enjoy one of their carefully crafted coffees or teas. We absolutely love the vibe in there…just check it out!

As you round up your morning/afternoon in NoDa, it should end on a sweet note. Our two favorite last stops before heading back home are either Amelie’s or Reigning Doughnuts. Whether you go with Amelie’s for their best-selling salted caramel brownies or order a couple of the fresh, warm doughnuts from RD, you can’t go wrong. Enjoy the RD treats on the picnic table or the bench on the street corners of NoDa or cozy up into a booth or couch at Amelie’s and people watch! There’s no better way to pass the time than having a sweet treat.

So there you have it: a #DoseofCLT and #WellnessWednesday mash up. We hope this inspires you to explore NoDa and take things slow. We hope to put together another one of this soon to feature another neighborhood–so stay tuned! ICYMI, here are some of our previous posts: Our Top Picks of Charlotte Coffee Spots | Queen City Spots to get Your Matcha Fix  |   A day on the Rail Trail in South End

This #DoseofCLT and #WellnessWednesday post brought to you by Kriska W.

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