Cocktail Corner: Spiked Apple Cider

“A gulp of hot whiskey at bedtime — it’s not scientific, but it helps.” – Alexander Fleming (inventor of penicillin) The holidays are upon us, which means homes filled with friends and family members alike enjoying meals that we’ve slaved hours over to prepare. We here at CLT Remedy believe that no holiday table is […]

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Cocktail Corner: Gin Tiki Recipe

While I know the weather finally turned and fall is finally here, we here at CLT Remedy are always game for a tiki drink as a quick way to escape and get away. “If you can’t get to paradise, I’ll bring it to you.”  -Don the Beachcomber Don is credited as the forefather of Tiki culture, […]

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Dot Dot Dot: A Culinary-Driven Bar Experience

We all know what a speakeasy is, but it’s only really until about a year ago that Charlotte finally got one that truly lives up to the concept.  The people behind Dot Dot Dot have succeeded in where most ventures have failed; commitment and restraint.

The experience begins immediately once you walk into what was a former storage unit located in the back lot of Park Rd Shopping Center. The red leather booths, tin coffer ceilings, and low light give the feeling of what one might imagine speakeasies were like during the prohibition era without being kitschy.  The shining star of the space has to be the marble bar that faces an the extensive collection of whiskey and other spirits.  If possible, try to grab a seat at the bar, it will give you a chance to chat up the bartenders and maybe even meet new friends in the process.

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