Dot Dot Dot: A Culinary-Driven Bar Experience

We all know what a speakeasy is, but it’s only really until about a year ago that Charlotte finally got one that truly lives up to the concept.  The people behind Dot Dot Dot have succeeded in where most ventures have failed; commitment and restraint.

The experience begins immediately once you walk into what was a former storage unit located in the back lot of Park Rd Shopping Center. The red leather booths, tin coffer ceilings, and low light give the feeling of what one might imagine speakeasies were like during the prohibition era without being kitschy.  The shining star of the space has to be the marble bar that faces an the extensive collection of whiskey and other spirits.  If possible, try to grab a seat at the bar, it will give you a chance to chat up the bartenders and maybe even meet new friends in the process.

Insta-worthy Dot Dot Dot cocktails!
On the left is a ginger-based, refreshing drink crafted by one of the barkeeps. On the right is the “Lover, Dreamer, and Me”.

The team’s commitment to their craft shows.  This is not the type of establishment where you order a whiskey and coke.  A quick glance behind the bar and you will see bartenders stirring, shaking, and tasting as they make drinks for the thirsty crowd.

Whether you’re looking for something  boozy to slowly sip on or something refreshing that goes down a little too easy, you’ll sure find something on their menu to satisfy that thirst.  On the off chance that nothing on the menu speaks to you, let the bartenders know and they’ll whip something up just for you.


You’ll need something to soak up all the booze that you’re enjoying.  Chef David and his kitchen staff have you covered.  The menu changes seasonally, but my personal favorites such as the charcuterie and the fried chicken have been on the menu since the beginning.

So when “adulting” finally hits and you want to escape the buzz of the Epicenter, a low-key night at Dot Dot Dot may be just the answer you’re looking for.

Happy birthday Dot Dot Dot!  Y’all check back into our Insta (IG: @clt.remedy) on Wednesday, July 18, as we’ve partnered up with these great folks and will be hosting a giveaway to celebrate their anniversary!

Because these pretty drinks–the ‘blueberry buck’ and ‘jungle bird’ –need to be boomeranged!


4237 Unit B Park Road, (Park Road Shopping Center – Backlot)
Charlotte NC 28209

imageedit_1_4040841057This review and post recommended to you by Manny!








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