A Charlotte (K)night!

Hotdogs and beers.  Peanuts and Cracker Jacks.  The seventh-inning stretch and belting out “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”  All the classics that you’d expect at a baseball game, but there’s more!  When you come out to see the Charlotte Knights play at the BB&T Ballpark, you’re treated to the full Queen City experience.  I mean, let’s just start with this view…


Honestly, there’s not a single bad seat in the house–whether you splurge for the boxed seats or pack a blanket to relax on the Berm like we did, you’ve got panoramic views of our pretty city skyline as the perfect backdrop to enjoy America’s pastime!


This past weekend, my in-laws were in town.  We wanted to do something different and treat them to a night of exploring the city, so with the Knights’ Friday games for all of 2018 featuring a Friday Night Fireworks special, snagging some tickets seemed like a no-brainer.  With our little two and a half year old dude, we opted for the Berm’s standing room only area so that he could run around freely and we wouldn’t have to constantly bother people if we had to get up because let’s face it, I don’t think we could have packed enough snacks for him to sit through all of nine innings!

But it was seriously perfect! We lucked out with the weather, considering there was supposedly 40% chance of precipitation.  The Berm was surprisingly very shady and cool–actually cooler than when we started walking around the stadium to get food!  The huge screen provided shade without obstructing the view of the field, and the breeze was perfect up the hill.  My little dude had a grand time running up and down, and I didn’t feel so bad about his craziness because there were other families around doing the same!

But back to that Queen City treatment…BB&T Ballpark eats and drinks go beyond just your basic hotdog (but they do have that if that’s you!)  Whatever you’re craving for, you’re bound to find a concession stand to hit the spot.  I was tempted to get this hotdog with mac and cheese on it as a topping, but instead opted for a taco salad–I told myself it was a healthy option, I mean it had lettuce!  Right?!  Oh, who am I kidding?!  And of course, the drinks.  You can go for your tall boys or local brews, but my pro tip would be to find this WINE bar and snag a souvenir cup of FROSÉ!!!  With this summer heat, this rather large cup goes down too easily and quickly!

Another QC highlight if you go to the evening games is that you can enjoy some of the city’s best sunset views!  I’m pretty sure around this time of the game, there were more phones/cameras pointed towards the sky than the game–WHOOPS!  Sorry Knights!  But the city and the sun were literally putting on a show!





But that’s not all, as if the game and sunset were not already enough–I did mention there were fireworks and man, was it a show!  I’m not sure how many times we all thought it was over because we just didn’t expect that it would be that much, but it was definitely a well put-together display!



We really had a great time and what a Charlotte night to be spent with the Knights!  If you haven’t been yet, don’t miss out and get your tickets now!  In addition to the Friday Night Fireworks, they run promotions on different games.  I can’t forget to mention that Thirsty Thursdays’ offerings include $3 domestic drafts, $5 craft drafts, and $1 small sodas.  If you’ve been, let me know what your favorite part of the Knights Baseball experience!   We had a great time making memories, and it was great to see Grayson enjoying a classic with his Pops and Grandma!

For more information about the Charlotte Knights and BB&T Ballpark: visit their official site here!

cropped-imageedit_7_63471290581.pngThese baseball experience highlights and post recommended by Kriska!

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