Quincy in the Queen City

Our furry littles also love exploring out and about the Queen City, and luckily for Charlotteans, there are many places that embrace having our four-legged kids around!  I mean, let’s face it.  Life is better with dogs around!

So for the inside scoop on some of Charlotte’s dog-friendly offerings, we turned to a local native who knows the ins-and-outs of the city–Quincy, the dog!

Instagram’s @Crooked.Ear.Quincy is @Kaylbee87‘s not-so-little furball who is a lab mix, busy doing doggy business, which includes going on long walks on urban greenways, hiking trails, and posing for adorable pics for his dog-mama.  In this interview, Quincy shares with us his most favorite outdoor activities and pro tips, so you and yours can also enjoy the great Charlotte outdoors!

Enjoy the interview below and let us know if you’ve visited these same places and what you think about them, have any other insider/pro-tips, or frequent other places with your pawsome buddies!

Q: Quincy, will you rank in top order your favorite outdoor places to go?

Woof!  #1. The U.S. National Whitewater Center  #2.  SouthEnd’s CLT Rail Trail.  #3. Crowder’s or King’s Pinnacle  #4.  First Ward Park in Uptown

Q: So, first up then, let’s talk First Ward Park in Uptown!  What do you like most about this urban park?

Woof!  All the little humans running around and playing in the water!  They always want to say hi to me; and if their parents say it’s okay, I like to give them lots of kisses.  It’s also a great spot to do a few laps after my mom has pigged out on crepes from 7th Street Public Market.


Q: That sounds like fun!  Well, Quincy–I’ve noticed on your IG that you frequent Crowders and King’s Pinnacle pretty often.  What are your thoughts about both hikes?

Woof!  Well, the hike to Crowders usually takes my mom and I two and a half to 3 hours to hike, depending on how long we sit at the top while mom forces me to take selfies with her.  On a scale of 1-5 and 5 being most strenuous, we think it’s about a 2.  I would recommend that dog-mamas and dog-daddies bring a doggy water bowl and lots of water.  Another pro-tip would be to use the Rocktop Trail on the way down if their kid likes jumping and climbing on rocks like me!


King’s Pinnacle usually takes us about two to two and a half hours to hike.  It’s less flat most of the way than Crowders, so I’d probably rank it a three.  My pro-tip: once you get to the top, turn right and keep going up.  There’s a great view of the city from there, and it’s also a great place for your little to pose for pictures.


Q: Wow!  I’m impressed!  Well, back to the city to SouthEnd’s Rail Trail which is your top 2 place to go…what do you like most about this urban greenway?

Woof!  There’s always lots of humans and potential new dog friends out and about getting their fit on!  And unlike a lot of sidewalks in Charlotte, there’s hardly any broken glass or chicken bones lying around!  My top dog-friendly pit stops are:

Pike’s Old Fashioned Soda shop where they have a great outdoor patio and mommy and I can sit together.  King of Pops usually has a cart parked near Sycamore Brewing, and their peanut butter Pupsicles most definitely get my seal of approval!


Q: Yum!  Well, Quincy…last but most certainly not least as it’s your favorite place to visit in CLT.  Which activity do you like to do the most at USNWC?

Woof, woof, woof!!!  I love hiking on the shared bike/hiking paths because there are SO many things to smell and pee on.  I also like people watching and meeting new doggie friends on the weekends at River Jam.

My mom’s fave thing to do is paddle boarding on the Catawba River.  The first time we went I was so excited I jumped in the water right away, but the water was so cold!  It took about a year for me to become brave enough to relax out on the water again.  I see lots of other dogs swimming and having a great time out there.  It’s not my favorite, but I do love the quality one-on-one time when my mommy and I are out there alone.


Q:  Awww!  Well, Quincy, thanks so much for sharing your favorite activities and pro tips!  I’m sure other dog families are going to enjoy reading about your adventures!

Woof!  Woof!  Tell ’em they can also follow me on Instagram @Crooked.Ear.Quincy

imageedit_7_6347129058These dog-friendly tips by @Kaylbee87 and interview/post by Kriska!

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