With the temperatures starting to rise and finally springing forward so that we can enjoy more light in the day, what better time to go and explore Camp North End, if you still haven’t. There’s so much to love about this creative hub–so full of life, culture, and experiences. We really can’t share enough about CNE! So let’s get right back into our series with this mini itinerary numero DOS!

[And if you missed our first itinerary: don’t forget to click here…]

First stop on the tour: MacFly Fresh Printing Co.

I’ve been wanting to snag some fresh Camp gear since they dropped their Fall/Winter Collection but have always missed the hours at MacFly–but yay for finally catching them open. We love walking into their studio–you can feel the energy of artists and collaborators when you walk through their doors.

They have merch that you can purchase off the rack or on-line via: http://www.macflyfresh.com. But their big vision is working with fellow creatives to bring their works into fruition via fresh screenprinting. It’s amazing to see the number of small businesses and entrepeneurs that MacFly has worked with. If you simply scroll their IG feed, you’d see what an amazing local resource they are!

They actually collaborated with Camp North End for their Fall/Winter Collection and a portion of sales were donated to local organizations that provide support to those experiencing homelessness in Charlotte. Now, that’s really thinking about your neighbors! #CampFam is the best.

Next stop on this Camp tour are pre-dinner drinks at Blackmoth Bars–the cutest little vintage camper bar! There’s a lot to love about this spot: locally sourced ingredients, a creative cocktail program, the most adorable vintage cocktailware…it’s a complete vibe!

We love that Blackmoth Bars cocktails are seasonally inspired and are made by sourcing as many local produce and ingredients.

Are these not the dreamiest cocktails you ever did see? Enjoy them while you people watch in their little courtyard, overlooking the Boiler Yard. While the Governor’s COVID measures are still in place, you may also imbibe on these beauties to-go!

Any time is a great time to be at Camp but SUNSET has to be one of our fave times of the day for sure! It’s a glow-up not to be missed. If you’ve seen a water tower picture on Instagram, chances are it is set against the backdrop of a gorgeous sunset. Once Mother Nature puts on a show, the entire grounds comes to life. There’s something so magical about string lights that just gives all the feels!

How much is that plant bebe in the window? LOL. We can’t stop obsessing about Grow. Their plant bebes are all so stinking adorable! We obviously must stop by and check out all of ’em whenever Grow is open. Who knows what new bebe they may have that we need to adopt!!!

After a great walk about the campus, we always work up an appetite. There are many dining options now at Camp North End, and each one is a solid pick. If you’ve got your bubble with you and want a little bit of something and everything, we recommend hitting up the food stalls at Keswick Hall. In one place, you can get ramen, tacos, a salad, and a sandwich! Leah and Louise is also an amazing restaurant–we will feature them at another time because a meal there in itself is worthy of its own review! For sweets and treats, we suggest popping over to Pop Bar or checking out Wentworth & Fenn. Either way, whatever you choose, your tummy will thank you.

Yes, we got Saru again on this trip just like last. But we promise that La Caseta, Bleu Barn, and Plant Joy are all fantastic. Next itinerary will focus on each of their different offerings–promise!

There are many different ways to enjoy Camp North End, and this is just one of ’em. We can’t wait to keep sharing more Camp North End adventures and give you multiple ‘itineraries’. So, stick around and make sure you’re following us here on the blog and on IG! What will be your next Camp North End adventure?

*Disclaimer*: We know that things are rapidly changing even as we are one year out of this pandemic. When people ask us about how we feel about going “out and about”, we do beyond our absolute best to follow CDC guidelines to ensure we are doing our part. We definitely do some research before we go out–looking to make sure that the businesses we support are doing their part as well. We see this not only as a safety measure for us but also as a way to give back to these businesses that are already so hard hit but are still committed to doing what is right.


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