CLT Holiday Guide: Coffee Lovers Edition

Please tell me [Kriska] that y’all also heard “Got a lot of Starbucks lovers, they’ll tell you I’m insane.” I mean–I know I love coffee and usually have a cup on my mind most times of the day but, I swear that Tay Tay definitely said Starbucks lovers–not ex-lovers!!!

In any case, everybody sure has at least some family member or friend that is a COFFEE LOVER and so for our first holiday gifting guide in the Queen City, we would like to highlight some LOCAL businesses that you should check out so you can curate the perfect gift for them. Yes, a Starbucks gift card would be convenient since there’s basically a shop at every corner BUT y’all–the Queen City has some of the most amazing local coffee shops in every neighborhood and there are several markets that carry locally roasted coffee beans and many other accompaniments to that perfect morning brew.

So… SHOP LOCAL and let’s support these businesses!

Check out their Instagram page for deets on how to get your hands on these coffee beans: CLICK HERE! You can purchase online via or follow their IG for pop-up shops.

Visit Hex Coffee Roasters at Camp North End and snag some of the best coffee beans and instant coffee! They also carry a few high end brewing tools that would make the perfect gift.

If you’d like to make a special personalized gift: how about a surprise coupon for date night for your significant other or group hang for you and your friends! Sometimes the best gift is just that… TIME!

Create one of those coupons for a date night or group hang featuring Camp North End. Check out our itinerary guides for the perfect time at CNE–and for your coffee lover, make sure to plan a visit to the Roastery!

Itineraries: click here and here!

We have a few favorite boutique shops that work with a lot of other local entrepeneurs and creatives… We just love shopping these spots because it feels like we are able to support multiple businesses even with just one purchase. Talk about stretching your local bucks!

CLT Find is one of our top spots to check out, and for the coffee lover: you’ll have an assortment of mugs to choose from. They carry local chocolates and a few snacks from time to time that may be the perfect treat to go with that cup o’ joe! Plus they just have a lot of awesome stuff!

Another great shop we love is Sweetest Beginnings!

These are just a few of our coffee-related gift ideas! Stay tuned for other guides. We want to help you cross off those names on those holiday lists and to make sure you don’t have to worry about any supply chain issues and more importantly: TO SUPPORT our community and neighbors, please consider shopping local this holiday season!

XOXO, Kriska

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