Challenge Time: #nailedit with CLT.Remedy!

These unprecedented times are not just uncertain–they are scary, depressing, challenging, [insert what other feelings you are currently feeling here]. COVID-19 was just a distant potential threat about three months ago and yet somehow it has found its way into our daily lives throwing each and everyone of us for a loop. Whether you are an essential worker, working from home, a SAH(M/D) that’s now literally spending 24/7 with your kids, furloughed, or unemployed…everyone’s situation is far from what we’re all probably planning or hoping 2020 was going to be.

But as easy as it would be to focus on the negative side of all this, there are many out there who are finding ways to cope and push on through these times…
– Businesses are PIVOTing and adjusting to their new business models
– Social media has become a really powerful tool to CONNECT with one another as we are forced to SOCIAL DISTANCE
– All the things we “never had the time for” can now be done…

And as some of you may know by now, Manny and I are pharmacists by trade–so work days have been even tougher. We’ve turned to the Food & Beverage industry for the past year and a half as a huge part of our release and detox from work, and with the mandatory shelter-in-place, we don’t have our usual dining out experiences to get our minds off of this craziness. If Manny would have it his way, he’d nap away his days off–but I’m too bored to let him do that. So, instead, we’ve taken on some challenges and so far we are 2 out of 3 in our CLT.Remedy #NailedIt Challenge!

Scrolling through IG and getting lost in YouTube videos, we have found a few things we want to try out…and here’s how our past weekend turned out…

Challenge #1: Replicate classics from our favorite Queen City bar–Dot Dot Dot. Our friends at Dot are just as much affected by COVID just like the rest of the food and bev industry, but while they have to keep their doors closed and seats empty during the Shelter in Place, they are staying positive and sharing their classic cocktail recipes on IG so that their patrons can still imbibe on their amazing drinks while at home.

Manny pretty much #NAILEDIT!!! Of course, we still miss our Dot Dot Dot friends behind the bar and can’t wait until we can join them again.

The recipe on the left is from Dot Dot Dot–Manny #nailedit complete with an orange twist he learned from a cocktail class led by Tamu Curtis of Liberate Your Palate.

Challenge #2: Make a Dalgona Coffee the latest coffee craze on TikTok. One day last week, our cousin in the Philippines was making this ‘dalgona’ coffee on her stories. The next day, we saw that one of our fave donut shops, Your Mom’s Donuts, had made a dalgona coffee donut–which we immediately had to get!!! {And yes, it was gooooooood. They absolutely #nailedit!}

After watching about four YouTube videos, we decided we did enough research on this and were ready to take it on. We TOTES #nailedit! This beautiful foamy coffee is addicting–just be forewarned if you decide to take a stab at it! We’ve enjoyed seeing our friends try it out for themselves since we posted it on our IG!

Challenge #3: Go big or go home, and nail OMURICE–the Japanese Omelette Rice! The only omurice we’ve actually ever had was at Raleigh’s Brewery Bhavana–their nasi goreng fried rice was served wrapped in an egg crepe, which is one of the variations of omurice. [Click the pic below for a Foodie Weekend Guide to Raleigh you can use as an itinerary once we’re out of this COVID mess!]

There are even fancier versions like this one:

And this one–the tornado egg version:

We literally watched YouTube video after video on this and I {Kriska} was somewhat confident in the research we did on this. However…this is more like what happened…

Attempt 1: Immediately turned into scrambled eggs. I knew the pan needed to be hot–but I think that it was too hot and too much egg mixture to the size of the pan that I was using. So, those eggs were added into the crab fried rice I made so that it wasn’t wasted.

Attempt #2: We didn’t have too many eggs to waste so I just knew that the omurice that cuts in half wasn’t going to happen today and decided to try the tornado egg version thinking that it was “easier”. Let me tell you now: it’s not. Looking at my video, I definitely didn’t have the technique down.

Again, since we didn’t have very many eggs left and didn’t want to be wasteful during this time…we decided to just enjoy this meal and revisit it later. We will do a follow-up blog and video if and when we decide to tackle this again! LOL!

How have you been spending these last few days? Everything seems to be unknown right now, with recommendations changing as quickly as overnight. Only thing you can do is roll with the punches and stay positive!


This blog post put together by Kriska!

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