#Selfcare in South Park

Nothing like a great day of #selfcare to get you feeling great and energized to take on the world–and if you live in the Queen City, we say #treatyourself like royalty and head to the hidden gem of South Park, Piedmont Town Center, for a fun day of treats, pampering, and all the best foodie eats. Whatever your idea of self care may be, we bet you’ll find something at PTC that’s right up your alley!

Our friends at Piedmont Town Center invited us for a fun afternoon, and whether you decide to round up some of your best people or do this solo, this itinerary has been tested and is completely 100% approved. It’s a total two-thumbs-up, 10/10, totes guaranteed good time! You can also opt to just stop in PTC for 1 or 2 of the following activities depending on how much time you have in your day. And guess what, you totes deserve it! So, don’t even think twice about it–just GO!

So, let’s go and spend an afternoon in South Park…

Whether you’re new to the world of bubble tea or a boba addict like us, Milk Cha-Cha is a must whenever you’re in the South Park area. They have a huge selection of beverages (teas, fruit juices, craft sodas) and toppings, and best of all, their bobaristas are super helpful and will gladly walk you through their menu! They also have a list of their bestsellers but you can definitely just go for it and come up with your own tea concoction.

I opted for their strawberry-matcha latte on this visit. I usually don’t order this drink often because I find that some places often use powders for flavoring but Milk Cha-Cha use fresh fruits and as you can see from the photo, that strawberry layer is chock full of chopped strawberries, and it was sooooo yummy! It’s so good and about the only bubble tea place that I get this popular combo at!

After catching up with the ladies over our bubble tea, we made it over to Ziba Luxury Salon & Spa for our pedicure appointments. The salon is a beautiful and welcoming space–and bonus, they have a fully-stocked bar so you can order a fun cocktail, beer, or glass of wine to enjoy while getting pampered!

I ordered the Mani-Pedi Punch which immediately put me in a vacay vibe!

Mani-Pedi Punch: spiced and coconut rum, peach schnapps, triple sec, and pineapple juice.

Ziba is a full-service Aveda salon and spa with a huge list of services–go book ’em already!

And while we waited for our dinner reservations, we popped over to Summit Coffee…

The first time we had Summit Coffee was at the original Davidson location, and we’ve loved them since. We’re so glad they now have multiple locations in Charlotte so we don’t have to drive all the way to Davidson to enjoy their tasty brews and concoction! Their seasonal specialty drinks are always so much fun–during this visit, I opted for a new spring menu item: Strawberries & Cream!

Strawberries & Cream: topped with strawberry cold foam

And then the final stop on our little tour…

We made it to Bentley’s, where they feature American and French cuisine in the most elegant and well-crafted way.

When I say that everything we had was absolutely divine, I mean EVERYTHING!

There wasn’t a single dish that our group didn’t enjoy. Lots of ooh’s and aah’s at every bite, and even more lots of “definitely going back for date night”.

Here’s to hoping our significant others are on board! Hee hee!

What makes Bentley’s the ultimate experience, however, is that they have a selection of menu items that come as a tableside service. It’s a dinner and a show that is sure to impress!

Make sure to end on an impressive and sweet note by ordering a flambé dessert or the fanciest Irish coffee I’ve ever seen!

And while we definitely were ready to end the day’s adventures fully stuffed from all the great eats and drinks of the day, PTC couldn’t let us go without a few treats for home…

Tous Les Jours in South Park has been one of our fave spots in the QC since they opened. We absolutely LOVE their selection of baked goods! They sent us home with a few treats and just a little pro-tip, here are some of our fave TLJ treats y’all ought to try:

  1. Yuzu pie
  2. Cloud bread
  3. Strawberry croissant
  4. Curry croquette
  5. Spinach feta danish

Self-care is super important and should be prioritized. Piedmont Town Center was seriously such a great afternoon for self-care, and we can’t wait to go back for more. PTC has been around for a bit, and they just keep getting better and better with such a great line-up of restaurants, cafes, and lifestyle services. Put them on your list for the next time you’re looking to treat yourself or maybe treat a loved one! We’re all about gifting experiences these days and whether you go for a casual or fancy date or snagging a gift card at any of these spots, we know your decision will be a winning choice!

Which experience speaks to you? We hope this post inspires you to check out PTC!

One response to “#Selfcare in South Park”

  1. I love how Charlotte’s shopping centers seem to prioritize housing local businesses rather than fully catering to chains (that’s how it was in my hometown, unfortunately!). It looks like such a fun day out – I’ll have to add some of these spots to my list!


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