UNBELIEVABUNS: How does it stack up?

Our foodie friend Lauren of @foodlauren first introduced us to these new burger buns as a keto-friendly alternative to regular buns when they first hit the CLT restaurant scene at Legion Brewing in Southpark. [Peep our post here about it!] They recently invited us to another local restaurant that’s serving them now as an option for those looking to have a vegan, keto-friendly option at Fahrenheit CLT. Their burgers and sandwiches at the rooftop restaurant and on their food truck Rooftop.21 can be ordered with the Unbelievabuns.

Here are some of their current offerings at Fahrenheit: the caprese sandwich, an Impossible burger, and a red bean-beet veggie burger.

But both tastings that we tried, we were just served the Unbelievabuns; and while we enjoyed them, we thought–hmmm, it would be interesting if we actually had these side-by-side another regular bun. Would we be able to tell the difference? Would it actually pass the taste test? Would the UNBELIEVABUN really stack up against a regular bun?

So, we reached out to Jerrod of Unbelievabun to see if they’d let us have some fun this afternoon and if they were confident enough to let us do a blind taste test of their product. They were glad to indulge us, and with a special guest, CLT Hophead — @RickSpeed, here are the results…

The UNBELIEVABUNS really DO stack up and for those looking for a high-protein, low-carb option…you definitely don’t have to sacrifice taste and still be able to enjoy a great sandwich/burger! The biggest difference was the texture but not in a way that was displeasing. Interestingly, the guys found the Unbelievabun to actually be lighter and more airy. It seems more likely to assume that a high-protein bread would be hard/heavy, but not the Unbelievabun! We would definitely recommend this food swap!

It was also super cool that these buns are to be kept frozen. We were completely skeptical at how they were going to “come back to life” after being frozen–but we followed the instructions and let them thaw out for about 10 minutes and they literally were exactly as they were when Jerrod gave them to us. Considering that the Unbelievabun does not have any preservatives or any other artificial ingredients AND it can be frozen AND STILL come back to its regular state without its taste or texture being affected…that’s some crazy magic! We hate food waste and it’s so annoying to buy a pack of buns and always have 2-4 extra ones that sit on the counter and then mold within a day or so of opening them! Urgh!

Find the Unbelievabun using their product locator here: https://unbelievabuns.com/pages/find-us

Currently, some local restaurants around the Queen City are also serving them up as options:
– Fahrenheit + RoofTop21 (food truck)
– Legion Brewing at South Park + Plaza Midwood
– Manchester 1812
– Hickory Tavern (select locations)

Follow them on Instagram as they expand and get into more restaurants!

The guys really enjoyed the portobello-shiitake mushroom burger and it really was a very easy made-up recipe! (LOL!)
Mushroom marinade enough for 1 portobello and 4 small shiitake mushroom caps:
– 1.5ish* tbsp soy sauce
– 1.5ish* tbsp balsamic vinegar
– Trader Joe’s Everyday Seasoning (ingredient list: sea salt, mustard seeds, black peppercorn, coriander, onion, garlic, paprika, chili pepper)

Marinade the mushrooms for about 15-20 minutes. Slice the shiitake mushrooms. Heat the pan with a little bit of olive oil and pan fry the mushrooms until cooked!

Building the burger: a little bit of balsamic vinegar dressing for sauce, then the portobello mushroom is topped with sliced shiitakes with melted white cheddar cheese (because we didn’t have provolone on hand!) Enjoy!

**ish because I like to just eyeball and hope for the best. LOL! -K

**FULL DISCLOSURE: We did receive this pack of Unbelievabuns for free (roughly a $10 value); however, there were no expectations, suggestions, or solicitation from Unbelievabuns with regards to the content or reviews that we would provide. We genuinely were intrigued and interested to see how it would perform against a blind taste test. All other ingredients used in this and time to prepare and create are our own and not compensated. #notanad just love to support local entrepreneurs and have a good time! Also, Rick wasn’t wearing a blindfold but he had never seen the buns before–nor did he know that he was being served a brioche bun. He also isn’t wearing his eyeglasses, so he basically couldn’t very clearly see. We will need to invest in blindfolds for the future. Lol!

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