About US


Manny and Kriska, here!

We created this Blog and our IG to chronicle our days off from our usual retail pharmacy grind. What started out just as a space to stop annoying our fam + friends with our food photos on our personal IG/FB pages has turned into an on-going LOVEFEST for our beloved Charlotte, the Queen City.

You’ll occasionally see two additional members in our posts–Shawn and Grayson make up the rest of our “CLT Bubble”, a name our family has coined for our little fab four from, you know… Pandemic Days!

Follow our adventures as we explore the 704!

For our most up-to-date and real time adventures, make sure to follow us on Instagram: @CLT.Remedy



With the temperatures starting to rise and finally springing forward so that we can enjoy more light in the day, what better time to go and explore Camp North End, if you still haven’t. There’s so much to love about this creative hub–so full of life, culture, and experiences. We really can’t share enough about CNE! So let’s get right back into our series with this mini itinerary numero DOS!

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